About the Program

Prepare to engage in a journey of discovery, collaboration, and global exploration that converge to redefine a lifetime this summer by joining us for the Global Immersion Program - Malaysia & Singapore 2024. Immerse yourself into a brain-boosting environment, and get ready to be inspired as you engage with peers and mentors who will encourage you to think differently and exceed your boundaries.

Tailor the Global Immersion Program experience with our flexible duration options to suit your academic schedule. Whether you choose a 1, 2, or 3-week program, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Malaysia & Singapore, gain academic insights from esteemed partner universities, and explore industries related to your chosen track.


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One-Week Program

Explore a condensed yet impactful experience in our 1-week program. Engage in dynamic sessions at partner universities, participate in industry visits, and get a taste of rich cultural diversity in Malaysia & Singapore. Perfect for those seeking a brief but meaningful global exposure.


Two-Week Program

Dive deeper into your chosen track with our 2-week program. Immerse yourself in extended sessions at partner universities, delve into specialized industry visits, and enjoy additional cultural excursions. Strike the right balance between academic enrichment and exploration.


Three-week Program

Maximize your global exposure with our comprehensive 3-week program. Experience an in-depth academic journey with extensive sessions at partner universities, immersive industry visits, and curated cultural activities. This option ensures a thorough exploration of your chosen track and exploration of Malaysia & Singapore .

Why Malaysia & Singapore?

Malaysia & Singapore stand as shining examples of economic success and cultural diversity in the heart of Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, Singapore's world-class education system, efficient governance, and bustling urban life create an environment ripe for learning and development. Engaging with the vibrant communities of Malaysia & Singapore allows individuals to broaden their horizons, cultivate new skills, and forge lifelong connections across borders and cultures.

Customize your Global Immersion Program experience by selecting from our diverse range of tracks. Each track is designed to provide specialized insights and hands-on experiences in your field of interest. Discover the possibilities and choose the track that aligns with your academic and career goals.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial spirit of Malaysia & Singapore. Attend dedicated sessions at partner universities, engaging with faculty and students. Explore the local startup ecosystem and gain firsthand knowledge through industry visits.

AI & Data Science

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence and data science. Attend exclusive sessions at partner universities led by esteemed faculty. Experience cutting-edge applications through industry visits to tech hubs and research centers.

Media & Communications

Explore the dynamic media landscape in Malaysia & Singapore. Attend sessions at partner universities with media experts. Go behind the scenes with industry visits to leading broadcasting corporations and digital media outlets.

Climate Change & Sustainability

Contribute to the global conversation on climate change. Attend sessions at partner universities focused on sustainability. Explore innovative projects through industry visits to eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable developments.

Health & Medicine

Gain insights into healthcare landscape of Malaysia & Singapore. Attend sessions at partner universities with renowned healthcare professionals. Experience the latest in medical technology through industry visits to cutting-edge medical facilities.

Financial Technology

Explore the intersection of finance and technology in Malaysia & Singapore. Attend sessions at partner universities led by finance and tech experts. Witness financial innovation in action through industry visits to fintech hubs and financial institutions.