Glovistix empowers individuals and institutions to achieve their full potential in a globalized world.  We design immersive experiences and strategic partnerships that catalyze growth, innovation, and lasting impact.

Our mission

A multifaceted mission drives Glovistix:

Foster Global Collaboration

Empowering thriving research and innovation through international partnerships.

Drive Sustainable Impact

Cultivating a dynamic ecosystem that accelerates individual development, knowledge creation, and entrepreneurial growth for lasting change.

Our Approach

Expertise Matters: Our team draws upon experience in international education design, program management, and cross-cultural facilitation.


Customized Journeys: We tailor programs and services around our clients' interests, goals, and specific needs.


Global Connections: Our extensive network of partners, institutions, and experts worldwide opens doors to unique opportunities for collaboration and discovery.

How We Partner

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to empower individuals and institutions.


Our transformative Immersion Programs connect students with experiences that ignite passions, broaden perspectives, and build essential skills for global success.


Our Innovation Networking, Strategic Services, and Collaboration Platforms help schools, universities, startups, and innovation ecosystems expand their reach, secure resources, unlock new opportunities, and drive progress globally.

Global Collaboration

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Sunil Gangwani

Witness the transformative power of global potential with Glovistix

About Glovistix Center for International Collaboration:

In today's interconnected world, a global perspective is essential for institutions to foster groundbreaking research, drive innovation, and prepare the next generation of leaders. Glovistix Center for International Collaboration empowers institutions to unlock new possibilities and create meaningful partnerships on a global scale.

We understand that international collaboration has the power to transform both individuals and institutions. Our immersive programs ignite curiosity, expand horizons, and develop cross-cultural skills vital for success in today's world. Through strategic services and curated platforms, we connect institutions with world-class research partners, funding opportunities, and innovative ecosystems.

Glovistix is a trusted partner offering strategic guidance for international collaboration. Our deep expertise in international education, program design, and global networks is coupled with a dedication to customized solutions. We empower institutions to:

  • Expand global reach and amplify impact on the world stage.
  • Equip researchers, innovators, and future leaders with the tools and networks to thrive in a globalized world.
  • Access diverse perspectives, cutting-edge research, and new resources.
  • Build a legacy of meaningful collaboration that drives progress and solves real-world challenges.


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