Glovistix Immersion Programs offer hands-on research and innovation opportunities, cultivating emerging thought leaders and global technocrats.

  • Startup Immersion Program
  • Research & Innovation Immersion Program
  • Global Immersion Program
  • India Immersion Program

We promote global R&D collaboration through bilateral and multilateral programs, nurturing a culture of research and Innovation with tailored programs for faculty and students.

  • Collaborative R&D programs
  • Technology Readiness & Deployment
  • Innovation Programs

We specialize in providing advisory support for setting up foreign campuses and offer strategic global services for transnational collaborations, global expansion, and student attraction.

  • Global Presence
  • Enrolment Service
  • Transnational Education Partnership
  • Insights & Advisory

Our Platform Services facilitate global connections through exhibitions, workshops, and inbound/outbound delegations, fostering growth in global engagement and partnerships.

  • Global Exhibition & Roadshow
  • Conference & Workshops on Research & Innovation
  • Inbound / Outbound Delegation – Explore, Engage, Grow!

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